Art by Alberto Moravia

perjantai 8. tammikuuta 2016

Niggers and the Finnish Women

Where are the human rights of the Finnish women?

Niggers are spreading to every corner of this planet by the Agenda 21, and in the name of the New World Order - these might probably mean the same thing.

For the niggers have been given all the rights, and we have been taken all our rights even to call them niggers.

So I say many times the word "nigger" in this text. You can make as many police reports about it as you like. I promise definitely to stand on my every word. Because you can't outlaw speech, you can't deny people from saying words. We differ people from their looks. Some of us are tall, some are small, some thin, some fat - and some of us are white, and some are black by our colour. When comes the time that we are banned from saying all these features only because someone might get hurt? The word "nigger" is ancient. At some point in time somebody invented that it is insulting. It is not.

A couple of nigger teenagers raped a young Finnish teenage girl in Helsinki a couple of years ago. The most ambitious supporters of the New World Order defend these rapists by saying that it was only a teenage coup d'etat and a nice joke. But by far no Finnish teenage boys have ever performed nothing like this. But the niggers do it all along - the gang bang, and not a fictional one. Finnish kids don't gang bang young girls. They just don't do it. Finnish rapist is always ashamed by his deed, and certainly not set up a facebook page to honor his killings.

The same can be said about the language used on that facebook page. There one thousand young teenage niggers abused again and again that poor young raped girl by calling her names, and taking her back to her place in their culture where she is a fucking whackable little whore, because she was available for them to get raped.

I'm sick and tired to write about this shit anymore. I am a civilized person anyway. I demand this young Finnish girl to be left alone. I know what it is when your life is been taking away by these mother fuckers dickheads. It takes a decade to heal and rise from this kind of violence and even more and this is ahead of all of these young Finnish girls who are now been raped by these niggers and invaders who has their own laws of shit and who now come to our towns and cities to make an easy living by these their own laws. The most part of these raped young girls and womens lives is now been taking to survive. To survive from every second of their fucking shitty small life to hours and days and weeks and years of this intolerance and times of racism. And the most important and saddest thing to understand in this whole case is that the most of them don't ever really survive. Did you know that Mr. President and Mr. and Mrs. Politician?

Let's go back to the Seventies and let's fight for women their human rights back. Let's give them back their safe life, and their right to cross their favourite park even in the night, and their right to walk alone in their own home towns. And their right to be seen as human beings - not as whores without a fucking headscarf or curtain to protect their female parts - on their own land, in their own countries. Let's tell people about these niggers and their atrocities. Because if we don't - who will tell? Next time it might your daughter, your wife or your sister. Who so ever, arbitrary, girls are raped and abused by these animals. They have a certain attitude toward the wrong-believers, and it is an attitude that you are a female dog, and this has been decided by their nature and by their inheritance and by their genes and by their religion a long time ago. The wrong-believers have no human rights or civil rights or rights what so ever in the eyes of these right-doers. The dogs exist for them only to satisfy their sadistic lust and sexual urge for more sluts without curtains.

No one else than we ordinary people don't tell this all. We who have the knowledge. The media, the politicians, the police won't tell that to anybody, especially not for the young teenage girls and adult women - and not for your daughters, your sisters, your girl friends, your mothers and not for your grand mothers. They sacrifice their own women in their own countries for the niggers and for the niggers law. These are the words that will be censored - in our own countries and home towns by our own so called liberal laws. But even so, let's fight for the genuine communication, for the human and civil rights to happen every day in every country, and for the establishment of violence prevention in your country.

Let's go back to the Sixties and let's raise our hand for the pride of our own race, Let's do that like that black beautiful person in the Olympic Games of Mexico did while winning the Games. Hands up who wants this racism against the white race and against the white women and against the white unreligious women and against the white unreligious uncurtained women to end now. Let's stand up for the end of racism now. In this century and in this millennium racism is still raising its ugly, dangerous and its irrespective nature. Let's raise our hands and let's get up for the white race of our own and for the human rights of the white people alike - and for all the people.

Copyright © 2012 Anu Palosaari

Translation 2016 by Anu Palosaari from Finnish text "Neekerit ja suomalaiset naiset" (2012), later "Vandaalit ja suomalaiset naiset (2014)" to English "Niggers and the Finnish Women" (2016).

"For all the nigger-broken female lives with the greatest respect by co-observer and author of this text. Heal Yourself and go on. Always Respect Yourself."